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Sarah Fragoso~ Walks Her Talk

I received an advanced copy of Sarah Fragoso’s EVERYDAY PALEO. I typically don’t have time for book review’s but Sarah’s book is really good.  Here are ten reason’s why I recommend Sarah’s work and why you need a copy.

1. She learned from two of the best Paleo lifestyle advocates on the planet.  They don’t get a lot better or more knowledgeable than Robb & Nicki. That goes a long way.

2. She came from the dark side.  She was out of shape and pulled herself from the depths of unhealthy and unfit to fit and healthy. There is no substitute for experience and going from unsuccessful to successful teaches you so much more.

3. She converted her family.  This is WAY underrated.  In her book she provides excellent strategies on  how to integrate a Paleo lifestyle with your spouse and children.  How unique.

4. Her charts are colorful and easy to ready.  So many other books are black on black.  Sarah’s book has color and outstanding photos of the meals.

5.  The recipes are outstanding and easy to execute. She has them color coded for morons like me.  (I’m a minimalist cook.) Sarah’s foods are so easy to plan and prepare. I prepared some today and they are simple.  If I can do it then anyone can.

6. She spends time talking about SLEEP.  Lord knows we need to spend more time on that topic.

7. Her husband is jacked and her children are cute.

8. She has a 30 day meal plan provided.  No more excuses!  I like to tell folks to write down what they are suppose to eat and then eat that!  Sarah has a plan I can now handover to the excuses crowd.

9. She provided a fitness section with excellent illustrations.  If there is anything I can nitpick with with accuarcy it’s workout plans.  Sarah has built in progressions that takes you from the beginner stage and beyond.

10. Her Kids’ Fitness / Family Fitness section is impressive.  This was a real surprise and excellent part of the book.

The book releases on April 25th, 2011.  You should get your advanced copy today.

We recently concluded another successful Paleo Resolution challenge with our athletes.  This has become a twice annual experience for us.  New athletes and those who who lost their way during the year.  I absolutely live for these Resolution challenges.  The competition element leverages folks.  It’s amazing.

We know that our training methods are sound but when combined with the performance nutrition via a Paleo platform we have monster transformations and new performance personal records!

We tend to rush off with sharing some of the most enlightening testimonials from the experience.  I’ll close with my commentary and share a a little feedback.  Enjoy!

Coach Rut,

I wanted to wait until I completed “The Paleo Resolution” to tell you some successes I’ve had over the past month.
1.  I’ve noticed, especially this past week, that my pants, fresh out of the dryer, fit a little looser…..even those pants that were a little tight, fit just right now. I still have a ways to go.
2.  It’s funny, but I hold less fat in my hands when I grab my belly and “love handles”.  I’m excited, because I know I’m off to a good start to get the rest of that fat off my stomach.
3.  My digestion has changed.  I haven’t felt bloated in two weeks.  I believe this is due to not eating the breads, milk products, and all the soda I used to consume. It is incredible to feel the difference.
I won’t kid you, it was tough at first.  I didn’t know if I could keep eating right after the first week.  I felt hungry all the time, but my body got used to the new foods and I started to love vegetables again.  This made it easier to eat right and feel full.
5.  I notice I can push myself further and faster during workouts.  I started feeling a little of the energy I used to have return to my body.  You don’t know how much better that makes me feel.  I am getting older with kids who keep me busy, along with going to college, and I thought my energy levels would never get better from here on out.  I think differently now.  I remember talking with you when my son was going through kid’s bootcamp.  He was running all over the place in the gym and I told you I wish I could have the energy my son had.  You told me to not lose my child-like enthusiasm and energy….or something like that.  I have been thinking about that ever since you told me.  It has really pushed me to become better.
6.  Ever since my wife place that wedding ring on my finger, I’ve only removed it once.  For the past two years, it has fit a little tight.  I wondered if I would be able to remove it if I had to.  I can say now that it is starting to fit a little lose.
7.  I saved the best for last.  My wife told me the other day that she could tell I was losing some weight by looking at my face.  I have not liked the changes I’ve seen in my face for a while.  I could see my face becoming more round ever since we had our second child.  It was a little depressing, because I could see age set in along with the fat on my chin and cheeks.  I was starting to look like my Dad who is overweight and hated it, but had the mindset that this was the way it was going to be with the stresses that come with family, school, and age.  I can see now that this isn’t the way it has to be.  I want to keep getting better.

It doesn’t end here!  I’m turning forty in May and I have goals for the next three months.  It is time to get the rest of that fat off my belly.

See you in “the box”.


*Aaron was one of our two Paleo Resolution Prize Winners


I’m SO glad I participated in the paleo resolution! Before this challenge, I was eating paleo about 70% of the time and thought I was doing well. While eating strictly paleo, I had more energy in my workouts and throughout the entire day, and never felt limited on food choices! I’ve also been able to notice subtleties in my diet – like how I feel if I don’t get enough protein, and that I feel better in the morning if I have some veggies or protein as a snack at night instead of some fruit. Aside from all that, I also look better. Hard to complain about that!

THANK YOU COACH RUT! I very much appreciate how you and your coaches go above and beyond to help your clients succeed.



I knew this challenge would be difficult from the moment I signed up for it. But, I felt like I have come so far with participating in Boot Camp for the past several months that it would be interesting to see what might happen with some drastic food habit changes. I can’t say I was a perfect participant as I did stumble along the way, and missed carbs and sugar a great deal. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do this however, and I think it jump started me AND my family back into some wonderful cooking habits that we had forgotten. Planning every meal at the beginning of the week to include a GREAT DEAL of protein and vegetables kept us from going out to eat, and preparing lunch and breakfast to include protein gave me more energy during the day. I realized how little protein we were actually eating, and how much junk was in our home. I love the idea of eating things that are not processed and eating good, REAL food. Almost one week after the challenge, I am proud to say that I am sticking with my eggs for breakfast, still keeping the food diary to stay on track and have planned all our meals for this and next week. I am so happy to have broken some of the old habits of eating out and eating junk in the evening, and very pleased with the changes in my body this month. My clothes fit better and I am actually down to a weight from before I had children. (9 years ago!).
I do have a request. As disturbing as I found that before picture, I would really like a copy of those AND the after photos. I think that would be VERY motivating for me to keep up on these new great habits of eating to see the changes that happened this month. I think it might even be interesting to have those of us who want to, to have another photo taken next month. Keep us accountable for our choices.

Thanks to you and all the awesome coaches for the great motivation!



I feel I had more energy, even after a 6am group workouts and 12hr work day. I was able to focus better and sleep better. My workouts became stronger at boot camp as well as my runs. I even started seeing muscles in my body! I got the stomach flu at the end of the challenge and was over it in 24 hrs. I think since I felt so good eating paleo, even at the end of the challenge when I could have easily just gone back to crackers and gatorade I kept looking for more paleo recipes.

I don’t miss the popcorn at movies or the scrumptious edibles brought in my drug reps or the candy all over my office. I have found suitable replacements that I really enjoy eating. I think I knew I had stumbled on something when I knew I didn’t want to go back to how I ate before (which wasn’t even that bad). Even though the paleo challenge is done and I might share some wine with friends or a few pieces of chocolate cake with my hubbie, overall I probably will never eat like I did before. I have since had a fabulous 16 mile run in the middle of the afternoon and had the energy to go out afterwards.

Ive done a lot of eating well, working out in different ways but I have never experienced the results I have seen in my body in 4 weeks with anything I’ve ever done before.


* Kristin is also an excellent human GET UP subject