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Wake up one morning and realize that your freshman 10 has over the years ballooned into an ugly 70 pounds of lard.  You’ve tried everything from the POW diet to Power Walking with no permanent change. What do you do? Well if you are John Bear you write a contract with your lawyer.

Mr. Bear, determined that weight loss challenges have more to do with psychological issues than food or training (I’m not sure I agree) looked to the leverage gained by writing a contract and putting his money on the line.

So he comes up with a plan: he signs a contract with a lawyer and puts $5,000 in escrow (i.e., at the mercy of the lawyer and completely out of his control). The contract states that if in a year’s time he doesn’t lose 70 lbs, the lawyer is legally obliged to give all the money to the American Nazi Party. Well, of course, for most sane people that’s an entirely unacceptable outcome, and sure enough a year later he had lost the full 70 pounds.

In my opinion, the value one places on the item at risk would weigh mightily on the success of the contract.  I’ve been personally part of an unsuccessful transformation that cost $30,000.00 to execute.  At the end of 30 days this individual was still morbidly obese and downed gallons of ice cream every evening. To this overweight individual, money was no object.  It’s value was not high enough to leverage the result.

Regardless it’s an interesting perspective and offers yet another potential method in the quest to lean out America.