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Reporter Bill Gifford hit 40 and decided that was about enough aging for him. Decided he’d rather stay young, or as young as lifestyle and science would allow. So he plunged into that world of age-defiance to see what he could find. There is a lot out there, both fantasy and fact. Starvation diets and manageable diets. Wild exercise, and routines that work. Voodoo science and real science that is pretty astonishing in its implications. He’s put it all together for anyone interested in staying forever young. This hour On Point: reporter Bill Gifford looks to put the brakes on aging.

The people were the best memory of being in on the early days of the CrossFit Movement. I include “CrossFit Subject X” Eva Twardokens in that group. That’s right. Reebok did not invent CrossFit.

Eva has some great experience and advice to share.  This SKYPE connect is longer than the others but the information is good.  If you apply what Eva has to share you will become a better athlete and you will improve your odds of staying active long term.  

Many thanks to Maura Coleman and the terrific folks who practice with us every week and who cared enough to help out with this work. 

This is an excellent interview with Exercise Physiologist Holden MacRae and my friend Andy Patranek. They discuss Exercise, HRV,optimal sleep, blood lipids and some other topics.

The gym is an official partner of the Whole Life Challenge. We will be kicking this off on January 17th with an eight week commitment. This is a nice Spring Break primer for those looking for an additional incentive.

The official start is January 17th but you can register now ~ http://www.whole.lc/wlcny15/pt/bootcampkc

Happy New Year!

TJ walked into the gym as a legacy.  His brother Jeff had been practicing with us for several years and suggested that TJ investigate.  TJ will finish the details but he was surprised to learn that he had some work to do regarding his fitness.  As his Coach, I can attest to the transformation which has been slow and steady but succesful!  The steady part has occurred as the result of his consistency.  He shows up!  

One of the more interesting parts of these last few months has been his decision to all but eliminate alcohol consumption from his diet.  Since he removed the alcohol, he has accelerated his body composition goals  (reduced his body fat) and I believe it has smoothed out his morning disposition.

If there is one element that has been consistent in the success or failure of a practicing member over the years it has revolved around the use of alcohol.  Now I’m not casting stones.  I enjoy an adult beverage on the weekend with friends and loved ones, but some just don’t know when to say when. 

If you are tossing back several drinks on the weekend and you aren’t satisfied with your fitness then you should look at eliminating booze.  You can wipe out five days of hard work in the gym with a Saturday night of binge drinking. Most sane individuals would not think of drinking five Diet Sodas over the course of an evening, yet when pressed for a number will admit to drinking five or more drinks on a Saturday.  Do this 30 times a year and you are chasing your tail. 


Just give it some consideration. 

I apologized for the quality of the lighting.  Enjoy!


Start, Stop, Start, Stop… Start.  There might be another start or stop or both but ultimately he has put it back together.

Eric has been part of the program from the early years.  He  has be influential in bringing more friends and family to the gym even though he wasn’t doing a great  job taking care of himself. 

He speaks candidly on what it takes to  get the momentum going after some rather long breaks.  These aren’t just breaks from our practice but taking breaks from being healthy and fit.  

He’s got it going now and shares some of what it took and what it takes to keep the ball rolling.  

This might be the perfect file to share with that individual who continues their struggle to stay involved.  



The fall training session starts next week, Sept. 2nd
Give your athlete a competitive advantage and learn what it takes to compete at the next level. Our comprehensive performance training strategies are organized in a manner that allows us to make progress year-round despite the tremendous difficulty a competitive schedule provides.
All training and conditioning is age appropriate and progressive in nature. Follow the links below. Sign up for NEW parents to create a profile for their child in order to try out the program. Attendance is based on your athlete’s availability. For any question please don’t hesitate to email or call.
There has been interest by athletes to compete in the sport of weightlifting. The use of Olympic lifts in training result in impressive development of the musculature and the nervous system to ultimately produce faster muscular contractions to improve performance on the field or court. 
This fall I am adding the option to train as a weightlifter for athletes wanting to learn how to compete in the sport of weightlifting! 
Flyers on the Sport conditioning program and Weightlifting are featured below.  
As always, thank you, 
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Last week Coach Rut become one of only 100 coaches in the world awarded Pro Trainer status by BioForce founder and chairman Joel Jamieson.

 Those who have embraced this technology have gain insight into training and lifestyle stresses not available via any other noninvasive means. 

Coach Rut recently set a National Masters Weightlifting record.  He used the HRV technology during the entire preparatory phase to avoid over training and as a result avoided injury and illness during his training.

Below is a reprint from a newsletter from last fall.  Please contact Coach Rut with any additional questions or if you would like to purchase the HRV system.


My Sophomore year in high school I attended a Summer football camp at Kansas State University. Football camps in those days meant assessment and work. I don’t remember Pizza Hut delivery. I recall a Coach screaming at me ” You’ll pass out before you do any permanent damage” while we ran what seemed like 100 x 50 yard sprints.

One of the tests involved maximum pull-ups.  I THOUGHT I was strong and fit but totally embarrassed my forefathers with a less than double digit performance. It was that single event that motivated me to take my physical preparation seriously.

I find disgust to be the most powerful of motivators.
For decades physicians, coaches and trainers have aimed to create training experiences (stress-ers) that will bring about an a positive physiological change without over-training (over-stressing) the athlete.

Stress + rest = adaptation and change.

In the perfect world everyone adapts the same because they all have a controlled world in which they operate.  They eat the same, sleep the same, have work vocations with manageable challenges and ideally are happy campers at home all the time. Dream on!

In the 1950’s we started learning that readiness (training, life in general) could be accurately be measured using variability in the R wave of an Electrocardiogram (EKG). This heart rate variability (HRV) information made it’s way to space travel. Initially, Russian cosmonauts beamed down HRV data that scientist combed over to see how they were adapting to space travel.

Like many things, this technology made it’s way to the sport preparation environment but was cost prohibitive to all but the most elite of athletes.

Fast forward to 2011 and HRV became affordable and important to anyone serious about their health, fitness and performance.

In 2012, along with a few gym members, I started using heart-rate variability and noticed some very significant training and lifestyle improvements.  I observed and realized the following.

  • The ability to objectively measure your body’s response to each workout and life stress.
  • Improved performance with fewer missed sessions
  • The ability to reduce my training stress on the appropriate days
  • Optimized my recovery
  • Receive early warnings to help avoid over training & illness.
  • My fitness improved and my train become more predictable.
  • The process is simple.  Each morning I strap on a one inch chest halter and take a 150 second recording of my pulse and RR wave variance.  This recording yields an HRV score for the day and give me the appropriate feedback on my readiness.

 Let’s face it. Some days you feel horrible but have a good workout.  On other days you can’t figure out why your workout was so hard.  With HRV you’ll know when to push hard and when to back off a little.  It’s that accurate and that easy.

This month we will begin offering HRV to all our athletes.  The first 10 athletes who purchase will receive 12 months of HRV monitoring and oversight via our coaching dashboard.

This will provide a level of service not available anywhere else in the metro.

For those who are interested, I performed over 20 strict pull-ups one year later.

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Do you need a nutrition reset? If so, you should plan to attend a book signing at Bootcamp Fitness / CrossFit Kansas City with author & Bootcamp Fitness graduate Liz Wolfe NTP.  

This Eat the Yolks signing and author chat will be held on Sunday, June 1 at 1:30 PM. The free Event starts promptly at 1:30PM with a 30-minute chat/Q&A with Liz, followed by book signing & fan photos! Bring your copy of Eat the Yolks, or buy one at the event! 

This is a FREE event, but your  RSVP REQUIRED! Plan to bring a friend, but remember that space is limited so reserve your spot today.

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