Welcome to the THE FITNESS CONDUIT home of the Max Effort Black Box (MEBB) and the MEBB enrolment programming page.  This is a paid content training program for out of town individuals seeking guidance, structure and most importantly results!

The Max Effort Black Box was the first strength framework to blend with the “CrossFit” methodology. As a member of the THE FITNESS CONDUIT you will have access to the same training as our in house athletes. You will become stronger and your athletic fitness will be unmatched.

During a 12 month period you will be exposed to a number of different MEBB templates designs. During the winter there will be a heavier emphasis on strength. During the Spring and Summer, a slight edge is given to conditioning but strength training is still there.

There is a five times per week workout schedule and a three times per week workout schedule.  You will need to pick one and stick with it for at least 12 weeks.  Hopping in and out of a 3 or 5 day per week schedule will not work.


In general there will be exposure to dedicated strength and conditioning using basic conditioning tools commonly found in gyms and garages everywhere. With your enrollment, you will have the ability to log your sessions and this becomes an online reference for your progress. Paying participants will receive access the the MEBB Google Group to share experiences and ask questions.


Those who desire a dumbbell workout in addition to their Max Effort Black Box training will have access to a 5 day per week dumbbell conditioning workout.

The DUMBBELL WOD is effective as a stand alone program OR can be used on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday as a compliment to the 3 day per week Max Effort training approach.


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Monthly access is $30.00 or roughly $.98/day. Your commitment is critical to your success. This isn’t a casual exercise routine so if your intent is casual or you ping pong from program to program please don’t waste any of our time signing up.

Thank you for your interest in MEBB. Sign up for our program using the link below.

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