CrossFit Kansas City is the 4th CrossFit Affiliate in the world. Since the inception of our hybrid format in 2001, we have been learning about what works and what doesn’t work in terms of combining personalized training in a group format.  Our approach yields superior results in a safe environment.


#1 General Physical Preparedness (GPP) is the most underdeveloped and neglected aspect of athletic conditioning programs. This is especially true in elite level athletes.

#2 Our approach produces unmatched GPP in ALL athletes regardless of their prior training and sport participation.

#3 Every athlete (we are all athletes) we have trained has some deficiency in their GPP.

#4 Fixing these deficiencies has an immediate benefit to your daily routine or sport. These could be mechanical or metabolic. For example, better hip mobility and function reduces the aches and pains of routine and mundane tasks. Upper body pulling strength translates into better running speed while pushing movements advances rowers. Anaerobic training is a boon to endurance athletes.

#5 Our approach produces a ready state. You will never feel out of condition no matter what the challenge. You’ll be able to enter any neighborhood road race, backpack for a weekend or ride a mountain trail. Our athletes routinely participate in ‘mud runs’ of up to 12 miles with little or no run training.

#6 Our methods will for many sports reduce the total training volume, reduce training injuries and allow for enhanced recovery. It’s commonplace to set personal records in a host of athletic pursuits ranging from 5k running to the sport of Weightlifting.

#7 CrossFit Kansas City, your sport specific training becomes a supplement. (See #6)

#8 Most find our methods more fun with the programming set to an athletic tone.

#9 Our athletes continue to improve for years to come. Improvements occur regardless of age or gender

#10 Sport training and physiology are not so well understood that highly specialized strength & conditioning routines are optimally understood.


Workouts are delivered daily and are available for our members on any digital device.


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